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Blue Glass Rose with LED Lights in Glass Dome

Blue Glass Rose with LED Lights in Glass Dome


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Introducing our enchanting Blue Glass Rose with LED Lights in a Glass Dome – a timeless symbol of love and beauty. This exquisite piece combines the delicate elegance of a handcrafted blue glass rose with the modern touch of LED illumination, all enclosed within a charming glass dome.

The intricately crafted blue glass rose captures the essence of nature's beauty, with its graceful petals and vibrant color. Each petal is meticulously shaped to reflect the natural details of a real rose, making it a unique and everlasting expression of love.

To add a touch of magic, the glass dome is equipped with soft LED lights that delicately illuminate the rose from within. The gentle glow enhances the overall ambiance, creating a romantic and mesmerizing display. Whether used as a decorative centerpiece or a thoughtful gift, this Blue Glass Rose with LED Lights is sure to captivate hearts and inspire admiration.


  • Handcrafted blue glass rose with lifelike details
  • LED lights inside the glass dome for a soft and enchanting glow
  • Elegant glass dome to showcase and protect the delicate rose
  • Perfect as a romantic gift, home decor, or special occasion centerpiece
  • Battery-operated for convenience (batteries not included)

Bring the magic of everlasting love into your space with this exquisite Blue Glass Rose – a symbol of eternal beauty and affection.

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