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Success In Relationships

Bling Me Baby $5 Jewelry Building Relationships join the team
Success In Relationships

Becoming a Paparazzi Consultant comes with an open invitation to build the life you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re looking to expand your social circle, create a steady stream of residual income, or party on an as-needed basis to generate some cash in a hurry, it is all possible through Paparazzi. While a love for $5 jewelry may initially connect you to like-minded $5 fanatics, true success cannot be found without investing in the relationships you’re creating along the way.

Throughout your Paparazzi career, you’ll connect with people who are shopping for the perfect accent piece for a night out, gift-givers on the hunt for an affordable present for loved ones, individuals who notice a shift in your confidence or see your success and want to know your secret, and so many more. The relationships you build with these individuals will either make or break your success, and it’s important that you don’t take them lightly.
Bling Me Baby $5 Jewelry Building Relationships join the team
The Relationships with your Customers

Your customers are what fuel your Paparazzi business. Building strong relationships with these $5 fanatics is what will sustain you. Customers are also legendary for becoming the best business owners; so, establishing a strong level of trust and authenticity will go a long way if and when they decide to make the leap from customer to Consultant. As you encounter new customers throughout your daily routine and at the parties you host, make it a point to connect with each one individually. Compliments are always a great icebreaking tool, and can help develop a rapport.

Encourage your customers to take the My Showroom Designer style quiz on the Paparazzi website and create their own virtual showroom or have them complete the Customer Snapshot (available for download from your Back Office Resources). This will let you see which Paparazzi Collection they most identify with, making a follow-up text or email a breeze. Keep your interactions with customers as personalized as possible and stay consistent in your scheduling, follow-up, and support and you’ll see how far they’ll go to stay connected to you.

Bling Me Baby $5 Jewelry Building Relationships join the team
The Relationships with your Teammates
The moment you enroll a new Consultant, you take on the role of Sponsor. Stepping into this new role can be a bit daunting, but there are many resources in place to help you make the transition! The best place to start is by referring to the New Consultant Checklist (available for download from your Back Office Resources). This checklist can provide a guideline on how to set your newest team member up for success. As with your customers, it’s important that your interactions with your teammates are genuine and fit their personal style. Don’t be afraid to ask them how you can best support them and what they need from you.

Think about what you were most overwhelmed by when you first enrolled as a Consultant and make an effort to be the Sponsor you wish you’d had access to at that time. What questions did you have? Did you feel like you were connected to the team and had a place to direct your questions? The most important thing you can do in building a relationship with your team members is to lead by example. Never ask a Consultant on your team to do something you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself.

Bling Me Baby $5 Jewelry Building Relationships join the team
The Relationship with Yourself
Along your Paparazzi journey, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by meeting the demands of your customers and Consultants. Remind yourself often of your “why” and don’t hesitate to look back at how far you’ve come. Avoid comparing your success to others’ and try to keep your focus on simply being better than you were the day before. Surround yourself with those who want to succeed as badly as you do, stay focused on the positive, and don’t be afraid to seek out opportunities that will allow you to learn and grow – both personally and professionally. Nobody who has ever run their own business will tell you it’s easy – but they will all tell you it’s worth it.

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